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Debt Collection in Poland

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Debt collection in Poland

Debt collection in Poland is one of our core practices. In this field our Polish debt collection lawyers have over 25 years of experience. Throughout this period we developed various debt collection measures and technics. Our lawyers published numerous articles on practical issues of Polish debt recover process, trained debt collection departments of our clients, as well as designed debt collection procedures and debt collection documents.

Depending on the status of the debtor we generally provide services in following areas:

Debt recovery in Poland

In regular debt recover process we provide comprehensive services in all the stages: starting from due diligence of the debtor and amicable, per-trial negotiations, throw judicial actions and ending on public enforcement.    more... 

Enforcement of foreign judgements in Poland

Often creditors come up with their foreign country court ruling. After determining what type of ruling it is and what international or european regulations may apply we advice on appropriate measures that shall be taken in order to enforce your foreign ruling in Poland.  more...

Bankruptcy in Poland insolvency in Poland

If your Polish debtor went bankrupted you must submit your claim before a Polish insolvency court within the period prescribed in the bankruptcy ruling. If you fail to do this you will lose the possibility of recovery it in the future. Our lawyers assist to foreign creditors in the process of drafting, filling and supporting the claim before the insolvency court. more...

Should you need any advise on how to act aginst your Polish debtor, please feel free to contact any of our offices.


Contact our debt collection lawyers in Poland

Please address your enquiries to: info@dudkowiak.com, we will do our best to answer to you e-mail within 24 hours. 

Tomasz Kope?


Tomasz Kope?

Barrister, Senior Partner

Tomasz Kope?
Micha? Dudkowiak


Micha? Dudkowiak

Barrister, Partner

Micha? Dudkowiak