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Administrative law

Polish administrative law is an extremely broad and diverse branch of law regulating legal relationships, for which the relationship between an individual and the governmental authorities (state or local) is a common denominator.

Our law firm in Poland has a vast experience in representing clients before the organs of public administration. Expertise in administrative procedures and many years of experience enable us to advise in matters in the following areas:

  • Construction law
  • Public procurement law
  • Spatial development law
  • Property management law
  • Cooperative law
  • Environmental law
  • Immigration law


Selected services:

  • legal opinions in the area of substantive administrative law                     
  • administrative proceedings
  • administrative court proceedings (before voivodeship administrative courts and the Supreme Administrative Court)   
  • submitting remedies (complaints, appeals, grievances, requests to resume proceedings, annulment)
  • obtaining concessions, licenses and permits
  • legal assistance of the investment process in construction industry
  • betterment charges
  • betterment levies
  • public procurement
  • advise in the area of public-private partnership,
  • residence permits in the territory of the Republic of Poland 

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Experts in this field:

Micha? Dudkowiak


Micha? Dudkowiak

Barrister, Partner

Micha? Dudkowiak
Joanna Palka


Joanna Palka

Barrister, Counsel

Joanna Palka



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