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Food and agriculture

Our law firm's offer is addressed to entities active in the broadly understood agro-food sector. We provide legal services to both individual agriculture farms as well as major food producers. We provide our clients with comprehensive legal assistance in due course of their agricultural activity, including organic food production. We review and draft agreements including, among others:

  • cultivation contracts
  • delivery
  • storage
  • bank credits
  • leasing of agricultural equipment
  • insurance

We help to adapt conducted activities to comply with the European Union requirements and to obtain union farm subsidies. We offer legal assistance in regards to placing Polish food on the Polish and the member-states' markets. 

The assistance includes notifying the State Sanitary Inspection about an intent to introduce foodstuffs for particular nutritional use, dietary supplements and other product on the market. We support our clients in obtaining EU certificates and quality labels (Traditional Specialty Guaranteed, Protected Designation of Origin, Protected Geographical Indication).

We represent our clients before the Agency for Restructuring and Modernization of Agriculture, the Agricultural Property Agency, the Agricultural Market Agency. We deal with agricultural real estate transactions: sale, exchange, lease, rent and usufruct. We advice on how to adapt agricultural activity to the environmental law requirements.

Our law firm provides legal assistance in the area of launching and conducting business activity in the field of biofuel production.

Selected services:

  • ongoing assistance to agricultural producers
  • preparing contracts related to agricultural activity (cultivation, delivery    contracts, etc.)
  • placing food products on the Polish and European markets.                       
  • notifying the State Sanitary Inspection            
  • obtaining quality labels and EU certificates     
  • obtaining funding for agricultural activity (EU and national subsidies)
  • agricultural real estate trade
  • launching and conducting biofuel production activity
  • adapting business activity to environmental protection requirements
  • representing clients before the organs of public authority (agencies, inspections)

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Experts in this field:

Micha? Dudkowiak


Micha? Dudkowiak

Barrister, Partner

Micha? Dudkowiak



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